1 Hmong - English

Part of Speech verb
Definitions to scoop, to fill (with liquid)
Examples: [1] Siv lub tais mus ce dej = Use the bowl to scoop water. [2] Nqa lub thoob mus ce dej = Fill the bucket with water.
2 Hmong - English
Part of Speech noun
Definitions body, suit, set Use in reference to "cev" means "body"
Examples: [1]Kuv mob ib ce = My body hurts. [2] Kuv pom ib ce khaub ncaws zoo nkauj heev = I saw a very nice suit. [3] Kuv muaj ib ce zam phim koj = I have a set of clothes that matches you.
3 Hmong - Lao

Part of Speech verb
Definitions ຕັກ

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