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Part of Speech noun
Definitions valley, flat area in the valley
Examples: Lub hav no ntxhab heev = This valley is steep.
2 Hmong - English
Part of Speech adverb
Definitions further down
Examples: Nws nyob nram hav = It lives further down.
Mus nram hav mentsis = Go further down a litte.

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Example 1 Plas hav zoov laus = a jungle. Plas liaj = a paddy rice field. Plas hav = a valley.
Example 2 [1]Hav zoov muaj dab qus, hauv tsev muaj dab nyeg = Jungle has wild spirit, at home has friendly spirit.
Example 3 [1]Dab qus nyob tom hav zoov = Wild spirits reside in the forest.
Example 4 [1]Kuv pom tus luav dhia rau tom hav zoov lawm = I saw the rabbit jump into the forest. [2]Tus aub dhia lawv nws qab = thr dog ran after it.
Example 5 Txoj kev nqes hav = The downhill road.
Example 6 1 Nram hav = at the valley or down the valley.
Example 7 Lawv hnov kauv tshe pem roob = they hear barking deer barks on the hill.
Kuv hnov nas hooj twm tshe tom hav zoov = I heard red-bellied squirrel barking in the forest. (This verb is not used with other animals).
Example 8 1 Nws luag tus yaj rau tom hav zoov lawm = It dragged the sheep into the forest
Example 9 Use as post noun such as "hav zoov, tiaj zoov, roob zoov".
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