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Hmong ho
English1. v. miscarry, losing litter or calf. This verb is only used when referring to miscarriage in animals, not human. For miscarriage in human, see "nchuav". Example: [1]Maum nyuj ho menyuam = The cow has miscarried the baby. Add
Hmong chim
English1. adj. mad, angry, moody, pout, upset. Example: [1] Nws chim rau tus neeg cem nws = He is angry at the person yelling at him. [2] Hnub no nws chim chim, nws tsis xav ua hauj lwm = Today she is moody, she does not want to work. Add
Hmong ncig
English1. v. encircle, go around, roam, rove, tour, travel. Add
Hmong hli
English1. n. moon, lunar; month (June - October). Add
Hmong hlev
English1. v. extend, stick out. Example: [1]Hlev nplaig - sticking the tongue. Add