Saib cov lus no

Hmoob moshlub
Askiv1. n. a kind of mammal that is half human half ape with long arms that travel fast by swinging from tree to tree. It is said to have lived until the early 1900 in a plain in Laos. The plain is known as "tiaj mos hlub" or plain of the mos hlub. According to description giving by some Hmong grandparents, the mos hlub may look like the western version of big foot. Ntxiv
Hmoob nquam
Askiv1. v. row. Siv: 1 Nquam nkoj = Row the boat. Ntxiv
Hmoob nteg
Askiv1. v. lay, lay egg. Ntxiv
Hmoob nplai ntses
Askiv1. n. fish scales Ntxiv
Hmoob niamtub
Askiv1. n. mother and son, mother and daughter, mother and children. Ntxiv

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